Our Services

Retirement Plan Consulting

We work with employers and non-profit organizations to help manage their retirement plans. Our investment management focus allows us to provide investment guidance, while we provide advice to plan sponsors on fiduciary concerns and overall plan design.

Investment Planning

Since we recognize that each of our client's financial goals are unique, we begin by developing an investment plan tailored to individual objectives and rsik tolerance.  We treat this plan as a roadmap to success and recognize that it requires regular reviews to keep pace with changing market conditions and our client's evolving personal circumstances.

Through our affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Network, we have access to a broad network of investment products. This helps ensure that our clients receive impartial, objective strategies tailored to each individual's investment plan.


Investment Management

Werner Financial Group's investment philosophy has three integral components: independent and objective research, diversification, and tactical portfolio rebalancing.


Independent and Objective Research 

As an "open architecture" financial services organization, we are able to draw from numerous investment managers and research channels, reducing any conflicts of interest.  This allows us to select the most appropriate mix of mutual fund managers and individual securities from an extremely broad universe. Our fiduciary responsibility helps ensure that each client receives clear, honest and objective investment advice.



Diversification among various asset classes and different types of securities is the key component to risk management in portfolio construction. We work carefully with each client to identify appropriate risk tolerance levels and investment time horizons. These decisions guide the appropriate mix of asset classes within a portfolio. When properly designed with low correlating asset classes, diversification can be a tool to help maximize long run return, while helping mitigate volatility and risk exposure. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss in a down market.


Tactical Portfolio Rebalancing 

Two significant components of Werner Financial Group's investment philosophy are performance reviews and portfolio rebalancing. With economic conditions and the investing climate in constant flux, it is imperative that clients' rebalance portfolios to help capitalize on market opportunities and limit exposure to over-valued asset classes. By educating clients about economic trends, and providing impartial research, we enable clients to make educated investment decisions.


Legacy Planning

After retirement, our client's focus often shifts to transforming invested assets into their families' lasting legacies through our estate investment planning and wealth transfer services. Similar to investment planning, each client's legacy is unique and can take many different forms. Whether it is the transfer of a closely held family business, planning charitable contributions or concerns over the changing estate tax laws, we assist clients in charting the proper course. Werner Financial Group has extensive experience and a network of resources, including access to Estate Planning services offered through Wells Fargo Advisors.



Werner Financial Group LLC does not provide tax or legal advice.  However, we will be happy to work with you, your tax advisor and your attorney to help you meet your financial goals.